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Streaming online events and event video production specialists

We make the video production and webcast transmission of your live event
We help create pleasing interactive experiences with your online audience
We expand your live event making it a hybrid event

Our Services

We offer an integral and complete service, we handle all creative, technical and logistical aspects necessary for the audio and video production; and webcast transmission of your event. Our services may include, among others, the following:

HD Video Production

 High definition video production
Integrating multiple video sources such as multi-camera CCTV, presentations, documents, surgical cameras, mobile devices and video conferencing.


Streaming Online live and delayed events, with the ability to receive it on mobile and desktop devices; Integration of presentations and immediate interactivity of the online audience with the speakers.


Microsite or landing page
With the image that your event requires, with a professional design that looks for a positive perception of your event. Also available for mobile devices.

Green Screen

Green Screen Studio
Recording Studio that allows the insertion of digital backgrounds and virtual sets. Thereby producing videos with any background as a stage.


Closed Circuit Television
We produce your event, managing configurations 2-4 HD cameras, HD digital switcher with multiview display; produced signal can be sent to LED screens, multi-screen arrays and transmitted to a remote site or additional room.

Content Production

Video content production
Intros, interviews, video memories, video invitations, animations, commercial ads, and more.


Multisite events
Videoconferencing Integration for live events with multiple locations.


Online audience reports
User registration, geographic location, questions and comments.

Benefits generated by our services

More mobility for sales forces and working teams

Better positioning of your organization, brand or event

Professional and high impact events, quickly and with little effort

Less displacement and more time for other important activities

Regular communication with customers about new products, services and applications

Immediate interaction with your colleagues and your online audience

What makes us different

Talent and Commitment

We do it simple and convenient for you

Our specialists perform all the work required for your webcast, from professional video production, web microsites with the information you need to communicate, to transmit your event.

No having to install anything, all this in a fast and simple way for you not to worry, since we have the required experience, equipment and personnel.


Experience, Reliability and Quality

For over ten years we have worked with organizations of different types, sizes and requirements; performing webcast and video production of a large number of events with a high degree of reliability and quality; is why we can offer the best solutions and alternatives to the success of your event or video project.

Talent and Commitment

We work committed to you

We have the talent, creativity and experience to contribute to the success of your project. Every day we strive to improve the services we offer, both in the care we provide and the quality of each element involved. We undertake each project with an attitude of service.


Professional and custom look

Our design team develops graphic ideas with a professional image, according to the characteristics and needs of your event; with microsite and video production elements looking for a positive perception of your event to your online audience.


We can adapt to the characteristics of each event

We understand how important is every project, we offer options that suit your needs; from simple events to those that require seamless integration of a large group of specialists from different areas and technological resources and infrastructure.

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Streaming online events and event video production specialists.

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